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Boat Insurance

Keep Your Boat Afloat with Boat Insurance

Boating is a relaxing pastime for many people. It’s fun but owning and maintaining a boat is serious business. It takes time and money to keep a boat in good condition. That’s why you might want to consider boat insurance to cover your investment. If a covered incident occurs, then the insurer will help pay for the expense.

A Boat for Insurance Purposes

Not all watercraft are considered as boats. Kayaks and canoes are generally excluded from boat insurance. But watercraft like cabin cruisers, yachts, fishing boats, and sailboats are eligible for boat coverage.

Main Areas of Coverage

Your insurer may offer options that other insurers do not. But generally, the following options are standard for a boat insurance policy:
1. Liability coverage provides assistance when you injure someone else while operating your boat.
2. Collision coverage helps with the repair or replacement of your boat following a collision. The collision can occur on or off land.
3. Property damage coverage provides assistance when you damage someone else’s property while operating your boat.
4. Comprehensive coverage helps if your boat is vandalized, stolen, or damaged during a non-collision incident.

If you want coverage that’s not available, you can speak with your insurer. They may have the ability to help you create a customized policy to better fit your needs.

The cost of boat insurance varies, based on your policy. But the age of your boat, the type of boat, and how often you plan to use it will figure into the cost.