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Event Insurance

Event Insurance

Planning a big event takes time and money. And the last thing you want is for the event to get ruined. But some things are beyond your control. The best you can do is prepare for the worst but hope for the best. Here’s some pretty good reasons why you should get event insurance for your big occasion.

1. Event insurance provides compensation when the event is disrupted or canceled. Even if the event is canceled, vendors still need to get paid. Service providers need to get paid as well. Without insurance, you’ll have thousands of dollars to pay even though the event never happened.

2. Liability coverage provides compensation in the event of injury or damages. What happens if someone attending your event falls and hurts themselves? What will you do if the person decides to sue you or your organization? With event coverage, you’ll get help dealing with issues involving liability.

3. Event insurance helps pay for property damage. You never know what people will do while attending your event. Someone might break an expensive lamp. Or a vendor might mistakenly destroy part of a wall. Anything can happen, and you’ll likely be found liable for the destruction. But with event insurance, your insurer will help with some of the expenses to repair or replace property.

Requirements for Coverage
Event insurance is generally a one-time event type of policy. Instead of carrying insurance when it’s not needed, you’ll simply get coverage on an as-needed basis. The event must be short-term and limited to one location.