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Farm Insurance

A Farmer’s Guide to Farm Insurance

Farm insurance is a policy that covers machinery, livestock, grain, and additional tools used on a farm. A policy can also cover farm buildings, and provide liability protection. It’s like a combination of homeowners insurance and commercial insurance. The actual land is generally not covered by such a policy, but an insurer might add land coverage depending upon the situation.


Farm insurance includes coverage for certain types of crops. Some of the most common crops include soybeans, what, cotton, and corn. Statistically speaking, farmers are more likely to get coverage for cotton crops over any other type of crop.

Identifying Farm Types

Insurance classifies a farm as either a commercial farm or a hobby farm. A hobby farm is generally one that’s operated by one person. There are no farm employees. And the farm also occupies a relatively small amount of space. Also for a hobby farm, profits don’t exceed a specific amount as set by the insurer.

But any farmer can get farm insurance. The difference is that insurance for a hobby farm will generally cost less than coverage for a commercial farm. The two types of farms will also likely have different needs.

Some options, such as liability coverage, are standard for a farm policy. That’s because liability protection is a concern no matter the size of the farm. Coverage for farm equipment is generally a concern as well. Speak with your insurer about the best options for your farm.