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Golf Cart Insurance

Golf Cart Insurance

Golf carts are used for more than just moving golfers from one hole to the next. You can see golf carts being used to transport people around hospitals, sports stadiums, and more. But moving golf carts outside of the golf course means they need insurance just like other vehicles.

Golf Cart Policies

Golf cart insurance isn’t something that most people will need. So that means golf policies aren’t standardized across the insurance industry. Or in other words, you’ll find that different insurers offer different options. Most insurers are willing to customize these policies to fit the needs of the policyholder.

One of the most popular options is liability coverage. This is something that most golf cart owners want. It compensates an injured party when the policyholder causes harm while operating the golf cart. A golf cart is small, but it can cause injuries and damages just like any other vehicle.

State Requirements

States such as Arizona allow golf carts to be driven on public roads. That means the owner must have liability coverage. But states such as Alabama restrict golf carts to off-road use. Still, it’s good to have coverage to protect your investment. Even if it is a golf cart, it can be vandalized, stolen, or damaged in some other fashion.


Golf cart insurance provides protection for people who own golf carts. Coverage can help pay for damages the driver causes to others. Coverage can also provide compensation when the golf cart is damaged in some way. Speak with your insurer about the best options for your cart.