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Inland Marine Insurance

Inland Marine Insurance

Inland marine insurance refers to an insurance policy that covers equipment, products, and materials transported over land in a truck or train. The policy also covers materials, products, and equipment when temporarily stored in a warehouse by a third party. This coverage is important because marine losses often occur because of theft and collisions.

Do You Need Inland Marine Insurance?

Most businesses do just fine with either a business owners policy or a commercial package policy. These types of policies cover equipment that’s stored at a place of business.

Inland marine insurance is for a business that regularly ships equipment and products. It’s especially important if the items being shipped are high-value or excluded from regular property damage coverage. Examples of such items include:

1. Equipment for photography or video work
2. Scientific and medical equipment
3. Computer servers and laptops
4. Equipment for construction

Deciding if Coverage is For You

Inland marine insurance is almost always a good idea for a business that ships products directly to customers and retails stores. But if you participate in trade shows, you might want to get coverage for your trade show booth – especially if it’s stored off site. Also, if you’re ever responsible for storing property for other companies, then you also might want coverage.

Types of Coverage

Inland marine insurance offers several options for policyholders. Some common options include protection for materials and products stored during a construction or renovation product. There are also options for insuring property stored in a repair shop or warehouse. Valuable items such as fine art can be covered while on loan, on exhibit, or in transit.

Your insurance company can help you decide which type of coverage is best for your business. The insurer may also help you determine your risk level, and help you learn more about minimizing loss.