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Mobile Home Insurance

Mobile Home Insurance

People who own mobile homes and trailers need insurance just like any other homeowner. Mobile home insurance isn’t as well-known as regular homeowner’s insurance. And some insurers don’t offer insurance for mobile homes. That’s mostly because mobile homes are very high risk. But when coverage is available, it’s worth considering if you’re a mobile home owner.

What’s Protected

Mobile home insurance covers the home’s foundation and contents. It helps following covered events, such as fire, natural disaster, or theft. But your options depend on the insurer.

For example, an insurer might not cover mobile homes at all. And one might cover mobile homes, but not offer compensation for when the home is destroyed. And yet another policy might provide compensation for a policyholder to live elsewhere while the mobile home is repaired.

Specifics of How the Insurance Works

Mobile home owners can pay for coverage by year or month. And as long as the policy is active, the policyholder simply has to file a claim when help is needed. The insurer will either approve or deny the claim.

Benefits of Mobile Home Coverage

Mobile homes are at risk during bad weather. Heavy winds can destroy a mobile home. That’s why it’s a wise idea for mobile home owners to seek insurance coverage. Without coverage, they’ll have no help recovering when disaster strikes their property.