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Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance for Your Furry Pal

Are you able to provide adequate healthcare for your pet? If not, you might want to consider exploring pet insurance options. A pet insurance policy for your cat or dog can help with vet bills and other pet healthcare needs.

What is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance is like a healthcare plan for your pet. But most policies are specifically for cats or dogs. So if you have an exotic pet, you’ll probably need to speak with an insurer about a specialized policy.

Pet insurance helps pay the vet bills that result when your pet becomes ill or gets into an accident. There’s a monthly premium and a deductible, just like with regular health insurance. The cost of your plan will depend on information such as the age of your animal, it’s current health, and its breed.

The cost of the policy pays for itself if you spend lots of money on vet bills. Depending on your policy, you could pay as little as $265 for a $900 vet bill. But there may be a yearly limit on how much the insurer will pay per year.

Some insurers also have a wellness policy. The wellness policy is specifically for your pets vaccinations and yearly checkups. However, some conditions aren’t covered by pet insurance. These conditions include behavior issues, unproven medical treatments, and pre-existing conditions.

It’s best to fully understand what the pet policy covers. If there’s something you feel should be included, speak with your insurer about the possibility of adding what you need. Getting insurance for your pet could make paying for medical care easier.