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General Liability

Property and General Liability

If you are a business owner or a homeowner, property and liability insurance is worth checking out. General liability coverage will help you pay for expenses related to issues arising from claims of liability. This could mean paying for legal fees or paying court-ordered damages. Several types of insurance protect you from financial ruin following liability claims. They include employment practices liability insurance, errors and omissions insurance, and worker’s compensation insurance.

As for a homeowner, homeowner’s insurance protects you against several mishaps that can occur in your home. Damage from a tornado, damage following a hailstorm, or damage caused by some other covered incident will be covered by the insurance. What’s covered will be mentioned in your policy, and you should know what’s covered so you’ll know when to file a claim.

Property insurance for a business owner can cover items such as inventory, equipment, and office supplies. This coverage generally also covers damage from fire, bad weather, vandalism, and theft. You can also inquire about coverage that will replace loss income caused by a covered event.

The best reason to get this coverage is because it protects your assets. If you’re court-ordered to pay damages, then paying out of pocket might be difficult. It could cause financial ruin for you or your business. But with help from your insurer, you’ll be able to pay the damages without losing everything you own.

Property and general liability coverage go well together. Any homeowner or business owner should consider getting coverage.