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Travel Insurance

Eight Reasons to Get Travel Insurance

No one wants to think about having a bad vacation. But bad things do happen, so it helps to plan for the unexpected. How do you do that? By purchasing travel insurance before heading out on your vacation. Here are 8 reasons why you might want to consider travel insurance.

1. Your flight is canceled. You’ve completed the first half of your flight. But learn that your connecting flight is canceled. Instead of going into a panic, simply contact your insurer for help with finding a different flight.

2. Your prescription medication has gone missing. Imagine you’re on vacation, and discover that your prescription medications have gone missing. Contact your insurer for help with locating your missing bag. And most importantly, your insurer will help you get an emergency refill prescription.

3. Your passport and wallet gets stolen. Not only are you desperate for cash, but you need your passport as well. Your travel insurance can help you get the issue straight.

4. You’re in need of emergency medical care. What happens if the help you need isn’t available locally? Your travel insurance will get you transferred to a nearby hospital that can help.

5. You have to cancel a non-refundable flight. Plus, you’ve made a deposit for your living accommodations. You likely can’t get a refund on your own. But your travel insurance can help compensate you for the ruined trip.

6. Your luggage went on a separate vacation. You can’t do much on vacation without any of your belongings. Travel insurance will attempt to contact your missing luggage. Coverage will also compensate you for lost items.

7. You’re injured in a foreign country. You don’t speak the language well, and need to talk with a doctor. Travel insurance can help you find a doctor who speaks your language.

8. Bad weather ruins your beach vacation. The beach is closed, the hotel is evacuated, and you have nowhere else to stay. Travel insurance can help get you out of the jam. And you’ll also get compensated for the hotel.

Frequent Travelers

Frequent travelers are more likely to benefit from travel insurance. If you travel more than 3 times per year, you might want to consider this coverage.